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Sustainable industrial doors from several perspectives

An industrial door is an investment. If you choose an industrial door from Torverk, your investment is not only beneficial to your finances, it is also well thought out from an environmental perspective.

Folding door

Folding door

Sliding door

Sliding door

Impact door

Impact door

Folding door

Folding door

Sliding door

Sliding door

Impact door

Impact door

Environmentally Smart industrial doors with flexible construction

Our industrial doors are customized in manufacturing – it is your conditions that control the design and dimensioned of your door.

By taking the environment into account throughout the process – from design and material selection to production and installation – our doors are both economically and environmentally in a class of its own.

industrial doors

Why choose a door from the Torverk

The difference between the right and wrong choice of door can be about many thousand crowns per year. An industrial door can cost surprisingly much, in retrospect. It is about the cost of energy, repairs and spare parts. If your door requires a lot of service and has a short life span, it won’t only cost you money but also costs for the environment.

But it doesn’t have to cost in retrospect, not if you choose right among all the industrial doors from the beginning. We at Torverk Industrial Doors have for decades listened to our customers, analyzed needs and figured out how much industrial doors cost in the end. The result of our customers wishes and our work is found in our Q-Door, a port that is cheap to own.

Already in our Q-Doors door standard Version you get this:

  • Probably the market’s lowest U-value – One of the world’s most energy-efficient doors
  • Durable and rugged – 56 mm thick door panel with 0.6 mm steel plate
  • High rust protection – C5 on sheet metal
  • Special rubber seals – closes tightly even in harsh cold
  • Reliable – our electric drive can withstand at least 2.6 million cycles
  • Dimensioned for hurricane strength
  • Minimal service requirement
  • Probably the market’s lowest maintenance costs
  • Short delivery times

Stable design provides a stable door panel

Our industrial doors are built by the door panel Q-Panel, which with its built-in reinforcements and the high density of the filler foam (52kg/m3 volumetric weight) gives what we think the market’s best door panel.

Because of its dimensioning and density, Q-panel provides a long-term sustainable door, both for your finances and for the environment.

Port Panel to doors– intersection

Torverks drive unit for industrial doors

Torverk offers different types of drive units to our folding and sliding doors. Which one chooses depends on the size of the door and the existing spaces around the doorway.

  • Top-mounted Motor (for 3-and 4-panel folding and sliding doors)
  • Side-mounted motor drive (for 2-, 3-and 4-panel folding doors)
  • Drive unit (for 2-, 3-and 4-panel folding doors)
  • Linear machinery (for our sliding doors)

With the help of environmental considerations throughout the entire business process – from design and material selection to production and installation – our industrial doors are economically and environmentally in a class of their own.

Take into account your usage cost

We help you find the right door system doing a analysis of your needs and utility cost calculation. The calculation gives you the answers to what your industrial doors will cost in the long run – that is, what it costs to use.

The best warranty conditions on the market?

Our high quality door systems have the best possible technical characteristics and long life. We have minimized the risk of unforeseen service and repair costs and can offer you the longest warranty of the market.

We help you choose the right industrial door

Not sure which industrial door is best for your conditions? We will help you figure out which type of door is economically and environmentally right for you. To find out the real cost of your door, consider more than just the purchase cost – look carefully at what your industrial door costs to use during its lifetime.

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