Service & Spare Parts

For a long and secure ownership

Service agreement for a secure ownership

Our industrial doors are designed to ensure that the need for service is so small and when service is done, as easily as possible. In order for your industrial port to work well and for as long as possible, in addition to the usual maintenance of you as an owner, service should be done.

For your security, we can sign a service agreement that is tailored to your port and your conditions. With a service contract from Torverk you get a long and secure ownership.

We help you with spare parts

In our archives we have drawings of all the gates we have produced since 1962. We put an honor in helping you with spare parts for your Torverk industrial port, even if it’s made long, long ago.

We can also help you with spare parts for other port brands on the market.

Service Industry Gates-Torverk

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A port from Torverk is cheap to own

Our industrial doors and products are of high quality which reduces the risk of unforeseen costs in the form of repairs or service. If you choose a Torverk port, you get a durable product with long life, energy efficient and that has a low need for service. In short, a Torverk port is cheap to own.

To ensure the long life of your industrial port, you should make service at regular intervals. We offer you to sign a service contract already when you buy your port – contact your nearest Torverk office and we will help you.

Torverk Service-Door Grey

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