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Why a door from Torverk?

The difference between the right and wrong choice of industrial door can be about many thousand crowns per year. A door can cost surprisingly much, in retrospect. It is about the cost of energy, repairs and spare parts. If your door requires a lot of service and has a short life span, it won’t only cost you money but also costs for the environment.

Torverk manufactures industrial doors that are inexpensive to own.

The real power package of the market

We believe that our drive unit, which is developed by Torverk and which we manufacture ourselves, is the market’s best choice for electrically operated doors. Dimensioned for millions of openings/closures and reliable in all weather, both for inward and outward-opened doors.

With customary maintenance, you can expect a motor from Torverk to work for many years. If you do your service, we provide a 5 year warranty (maximum 1 million openings) on our drive unit

With almost 60 years in the industry, we know what it takes for high quality and long durability
– for both your and the environment’s sake.

Doors for harsh conditions

We can construct an industrial door, such as folding doors, that meet your needs. Should your door be in a tough environment, we produce a door for you that can handle everything from extreme weather to increased security. We have delivered special doors to defense facilities, fire stations, Sweden national bank, power stations, truck manufacturers, train depots, research stations in Antarctica, and more.

The art of choosing the right door – we help you!

By choosing the right industrial door from the beginning, you can avoid unnecessarily high costs for operation, service, downtime and the like.

We at Torverk will be happy to help you to calculate which type of door is economical and environmentally right for you. Please contact us with your questions – we will gladly help you.

Take into account the usage cost of the door

We help you find the right door system using, among other things, a needs analysis and utility cost calculation. Here we not only take into account what your industrial door costs in purchasing, but also what it costs to use. We use the Royal Institute of Engineering Sciences (IVA) and the Transport Research Commission’s (TFK) spreadsheet model “Usage cost calculation for doors“.

Read more about general rules of thumb in the usage cost calculation!

Torverk – Almost 60 years in the industry

Torverk Industrial Doors has been around since 1962, we manufacture and deliver customized door systems that we think are in the highest quality in the market. Torverk is driven by manufacturing and developing industrial doors (folding gates, sliding gates, panel doors) that are inexpensive to own. We carefully select the materials we use and our development work is focused on constantly making our doors better and better.

Our ambition is to be the best in the world. It is important to us that you as a customer feel that you have made the right choice of industrial door – even in 30-40 years.

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