Resistance classed folding industtrial door without window

Resistance Classed Doors that Keeps Burglars (Engineers*) and Cold Out

Burglary-Rated and Well Insulated Door

Torverk’s burglar-proof doors meet the Swedish Theft Prevention Association’s standards for burglary protection (SSF 1074, SK2, and SK3). This means they meet the insurance companies’ requirements for perimeter protection – in the event of a burglary, your insurance will be applicable.

Our security-rated doors are just as well-insulated as our standard doors, which reduces your heating costs and your carbon footprint.

More Than Half of All Swedish Industries Experience Burglaries

When the Swedish  trade organization Företagarna surveyed 819 domestic companies about whether they had experienced burglaries in the past five years, 61% of industrial companies responded with ‘YES.’

If you have valuable assets, insurance companies in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark require you to have a burglar-proof perimeter protection. Doors must be certified according to the Swedish Theft Protection Association’s standards for SK1, SK2, or SK3. Otherwise, the insurance may not apply.

Consult your insurance company about what is applicable for your specific business.

Resistance classed industrial doors

Torverk’s security doors have been tested and approved by engineers at RISE, in accordance with the SSF’s standards

*In a workshop at RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF SWEDEN in Borås, two engineers are examining the blueprints for a security door from Torverk. They are looking for weaknesses in the design. Armed with a crowbar, axe, drill, and other tools, they will attempt to breach every part of the door. They have 10 minutes for each attempt. If they succeed, the door will fail the test.

Super-strong construction and a low U-value prevents break-ins and save energy

*The engineers hack away at the door panel with an axe. Once they’ve made a small hole, they pry it open with a crowbar and attempt to cut through the reinforcement with bolt cutters. After a ten-minute attack, the hole is still too small, and they turn their attention to the hinges instead.

The security door has the same sandwich construction as our regular folding doors, but the door panel is reinforced.

The shell is rolled together from 0.6 mm thick corrosion-protected SSAB steel and reinforced at the corners and hinge attachments with 4 mm hardened DOMEX steel.

Then, we fill the panel with polyurethane foam under a pressure of 4.5 bar. The foam expands, penetrates all cavities, and chemically bonds with the steel and the end profiles.

Once the foam hardens, it becomes as hard as a hockey puck and insulates four times better than standard home insulation.

Sandwich construction of a door panel in a folding door
In hardened hinge pins for security-classified industrial doors.

Reinforced Hinge Pins Force the Burglar to Give Up

*Two sweaty engineers take turns sawing at the hinge pins with a hacksaw and jigsaw. After ten minutes, a small groove appears where they try to pry with a crowbar, and hammer in wedges.

When that fails, they use a drill on the screw heads and hinge attachments without success.

In a final effort, they try to knock out the hinge pin with a sledgehammer and punch.

But the engineers are forced to give up.

Armored Glass Lets in Light But Not Burglars

The safety glass in Torverk’s doors is called P5A.

Multiple layers of glass are laminated together with a strong and elastic plastic film, making the glass highly resistant to impact and penetration.

* The engineers at RISE don’t bother to hit the glass with a sledgehammer. They know it can’t be shattered that way. Instead, they use a crowbar around the entire window frame, but they don’t succeed within the time limit for SK2.

Security rated folding gate with armoured glass
Torverk's SK2-rated doors feature unbreakable glass and are mounted in a way that the engineers at RISE could not breach during the SK2 test. To be classified as SK3, the door must not have windows.
Espagnolette resistance classed folding industrial door

Burglar-resistant Locking Mechanism Withstands Hacking With an Axe and Drilling Attacs

If the thief opens the lock, the door is breached.

* RISE engineers saw with a hacksaw and pry with a knife at the bottom to access the espagnolette. They chop with an axe and forcefully pry with a crowbar and bolt cutters at the top of the door. Then they attempt to drill through the espagnolette rod. 

But they run out of time.

Choose From 2000 Colors

You can choose a security door in any of our 10 standard colors, or have it in any NCS or RAL color of your choice. (Colors other than the standard ones incur an additional cost).

Antique White
RAL 9002

Dark Grey
RAL 7016

Grey White
RAL 7044

Nordic Night Black 015 RAL 9004-GL

Silver Metallic
RAL 9006

Bright Blue
RAL 5019

Bright Red
RAL 3013

Dark Silver
RAL 9007

Dark Blue
RAL 5001

Dark Red
RAL 3011

Up to 12 Meters Wide as Electrically Operated and 25 Meters as Manual

For a long time, we believed it was impossible to manufacture an electrically operated folding door wider than seven meters. The strains on the motor gear and hinges simply became too high.

But our engineers turned the problem inside out and designed a completely new type of motor beam that allows us to now build 12-meter wide electric folding doors with twelve sections.

We can build manual security-rated doors up to 25 meters in width.

12 meter wide electric folding door

What Does SK1, SK2 and SK3 Mean?

The Swedish Theft Prevention Association has established a theft protection standard called SSF1074. It sets security requirements for products and systems used to prevent burglary. When an industrial door is classified according to SK3, it means that the door meets the security requirements according to SSF1074 SK3.

Tests are conducted by testing institutes, such as RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF SWEDEN in Borås. They are provided with a set of tools and have a certain time frame to try to breach the door. To achieve a higher security class, the door must withstand more forceful tools for a longer period of time.

SK1-Rated Industrial Doors

SK1 is the lowest security class. It should provide basic protection against unauthorized access and is usually sufficient for areas where the risk of burglary is assessed as low.

To achieve SK1 classification, the door must withstand a 5-minute attack on all possible parts of the door with simpler tools such as:

  • pliers
  • screwdriver
  • knife
  • rubber mallet

SK2-Rated Industrial Doors

SK2-rated doors are intended to offer good protection against burglary and are used where the risk of burglary is elevated because there are valuable items, or where burglary would have serious consequences.

To achieve SK2 classification, the door must withstand a 5-minute attack on all possible parts of the door, where the thief may use all the tools included in SK1 and:

  • crowbar
  • handsaw
  • hammer
  • hand drill

Our security door meets SK2 standards, even if it has windows and a pedestrian door.

SK3-Rated Industrial Doors

SK3 is the highest security class for industrial doors and is intended for places where the risk of burglary is considered very high or where the consequences of a burglary are particularly serious. Perhaps there are very valuable items or sensitive information in the property.

To achieve SK3 classification, the door must withstand a 10-minute attack on all possible parts of the door, using the same tools as in SK2 and heavier tools such as:

  • axe
  • battery-powered drill
  • bolt cutters
  • sledgehammer

Our security door meets this requirement if it does not have windows or a pedestrian door.

The international standard for burglary classification is called EN1627 RC (Resistance Class) and is only applicable to regular doors. There is no EN standard for industrial doors, so it is up to each country to have a national standard or to accept another country’s standard. SSF1074 is recognized by the Nordic Insurance Association as a valid burglary classification in Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Therefore, Torverk’s understanding is that SSF1074 SK2 & SK3 are comparable to EN1627 RC3 & RC4.

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