New cooperation between Garageportexperten and Torverk Industrial Doors

New cooperation between Garageportexperten and Torverk Industrial Doors

Garageportexperten is expanding its focus on industrial doors and a collaboration with Torverk Industrial Doors will be initiated. The fact that the choice fell on Torverk was a natural decision, as Garageportexperten wants to invest in a strong partner who offers quality to their customers.

– It feels good with such an established and experienced partner as Torverk. We have extensive operations in large parts of the country, so it is extra important that we choose a supplier with experience and quality, says Mikael Holmstrand, CEO, Garageportexperten.

Torverk’s CEO Peter Löfvenholm is also pleased with the collaboration.

– It is important for us to collaborate with companies such as the Garageportexperten, who have a strong local connection and employees with a broad knowledge about doors. When the opportunity for collaboration emerged, there was no doubt, you can’t say no to a company with that quality profile, says Löfvenholm.

In Garageportexperten´s opinion, another important factor when choosing a supplier is Torverk’s consistent work for a good operating cost for the customer, for example in creating energy savings through the low U-values ​​of the doors.

– Everything that makes it easier and helps our customers in the choice of product feels given to us to use. Quality is important for Torverk, an opinion we fully share. We want satisfied customers who get what they want, says Holmstrand.

Torverk’s doors have a long life, and it is not uncommon for these doors to work just as well after 30-35 years. In other words, a given quality choice.

Garageportexperten is the largest supplier of garage doors in Sweden with a turnover of SEK 320 million. It is a nationwide franchise chain consisting of 30 franchisees and is present in over 40 locations, from Kiruna in the north to Malmö in the south. Since its inception in 1995, the Garageportexperten has delivered and installed over 250,000 doors to villas, apartment buildings and tenant-owner associations.

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