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The thieves were stopped by Torverk door

Food Open in Bro had the night of 19 January a burglar attempt, the thieves tried to force the door with crowbars and get in via the warehouse entrance.

The merchant Håkan Redig who runs food openly in Bro says that “thanks to a good door from Torverk, the thieves couldn’t get in, even though two of the thieves broke together with a crowbar”.

It was hardly a mark on the door, continues Håkan. Considering, among other things, the deductible, I am very grateful that the door worked as well as it did.

The door that Håkan bought in the summer of 2017 was a punch gate that was, in addition to a stable standard construction, reinforced with one, among other things, a strong break protection.

Had it been my old door the thieves had easily forced it and it had cost me a lot of trouble and money, Håkan continues.

We at Torverk naturally think that the event is boring in itself but glad that the door worked in a real location.

See Thieves ‘ unsuccessful burglar attempts captured on film.

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