Shoot Port Sandwich built Q-Door
Torverk sliding door in Sunne
Shoot Port Sandwich built Q-Door
Front sandwich-built sliding door
Torverk sliding door

Sliding door Q-DOOR SX

Our sliding door is made of one or more panels. A sliding door is mainly suitable for large and wide openings, including warehouses and hangars, but also works well when you need a quick smaller door.

Our sliding door has a well-insulated door blade that provides an energy efficient and economical industrial door. Each door is customized in manufacturing – there are, among other things, basically no limits on how wide your slide door can be.

You are welcome to contact us for a tailor-made solution.


Sliding doors in a class of its own

Torverk sliding door is dimensioned and customized for thousands and thousands of openings – if you choose a sliding door from Torverk, you are guaranteed a long life of your door. You can get your sliding door with opening to the right or left. In special cases, we can provide the sliding door with double carrier rails for opening of the panels to the same direction. A sliding door can also have windows and pass door.

We at Torverk have a long experience and a solid know-how when it comes to sliding doors.

  • Low usage cost
  • High quality that provides a long product life
  • Low service and maintenance needs
  • Customized Solutions – Tailor-made to your needs
  • Designed for industrial use
  • 10 Year Warranty

Dependable & Reliable

We have extensive experience and a solid know-how when it comes to sliding doors. We customize your sliding door according to your need. For example, you should choose a overhang sliding door for a large and wide door opening – such as at warehouses or hangars.

When you need a small and fast door, a smaller size sliding door would be suitable.

Energy efficient and flexible

We provide the sliding door with the same energy-efficient port panel as our folding door. A well-insulated door panel is a contributing factor to sustainable ownership. We customize each sliding door in production, so that it is tailored to your specific needs.

Torverk sliding door in Sunne

Size & Panels


Width: By building sliding doors in several sections, the width is basically unlimited.

Height: The maximum height of a sliding door is 6 meters.

Sections and movement directions

We manufacture the sliding doors of one or more panels, which means that the width in basically becomes unlimited. You can get a single-panel sliding door with opening to the right or left. The double-panel sliding door normally opens in two directions. In special cases, we can produce your door with a double carrier rail, so that you can open both sections in one direction.

Door panel & Colors

An impressive door panel builds Q-Door sliding door

Q-Door’s door panel is robust in its construction. The door panel is 56 mm thick and the metal sheet lining is 0.6 mm, with a rust protection level of C5 from the start. The density of the filler foam provides a very good insulation, which gives you a low usage cost and a warm indoor environment.

STEEL PLATE: 0.6 mm SSAB greencoat

  1. Sheet
  2. Metal Coating
  3. Passivation Layer
  4. Primers (Primer)
  5. Top
  6. Deductible Protective film (selectable)
  7. Back Color

Source: SSAB –

Standard colours

Here you will find our standard colours. If you do not find your colour then we can paint the door in the colour you want. We paint the door in our own paint shop and we paint in both NCS and RAL. Download color chart for printing.

Greywhite 022
RAL 7044
Dark brown 384
RAL 8028
Anthracite Grey 454
RAL 7016
Bright red 410
RAL 3013
Dark blue 524
RAL 5001
Burgundy 418
RAL 3009
Bright Blue 561
RAL 5019
Moss Green 859
RAL 6007
Black Cool 015
RAL 9004
Silver Metallic 045
RAL 9006
Dark Silver Metallic 044
RAL 9007

Note! Colors displayed on a computer screen may differ from the reality. The RAL system is not an exact system. For a perfect comparison – see NCS numbers.

Specially designed seals & fittings


Sliding door seals are custom made and designed to provide the best possible sealing. At the top and bottom towards the floor or threshold, we seal the door with brush seals.

Along the sides and between the sections we use rubber seals of wear-and weatherproof EPDM rubber of the highest quality.


By default, we deliver your manual sliding door with padlock-able Espagnolett, which you maneuver from the inside.

Electrically operated doors do not require an additional lock because they are designed so they can’t be opened from outside without an open impulse or disconnecting of the drive unit.

As an option, we can also provide an electrically powered sliding door with cylinder locking.

Self-manufactured fittings

The fittings are an important detail to be able to easily manage your sliding door. They also affect the life span of the door.

We have therefore equipped our sliding doors with strong, self-made fittings of the highest quality – for low friction and easy handling.

Supporting rail and guiding shoe

The overhung sliding door hangs in the steering wheels, which runs in supporting rails, and steer at the bottom by guiding shoes or by a guiding rail (applies to wider sliding doors) in the floor. The door panels have reinforcements in the fastening points.

Windows & Pass Door


The sliding door windows has the same high quality as the other details and is designed to stabilize the door blade. As standard, we use energy glass and the window frame of aluminum has broken thermal bridge.

For more detailed information, see download able document.

Pass door

If the door should not only be operated by vehicles but also used for personnel passage, we advise you to have a pass door.

Opening the entire gate for personnel passage is both impractical and unsuitable from an operational and energy point of view.


The drive unit to our sliding doors is a linear machinery and, as standard, there is a safety edge protection function and load-guard in both opening and closing direction, the input for safety photocell, time functions (e.g. automatic closing, delayed closure after passage). There are also inputs for different manoeuverments, e.g. Open-close and limited opening features.

Download more information about our engine operation

To search for a frame drawing

If you want a frame drawing for a manual single-panel sliding door, you can search with “QS1M“. And for an electrically powered single-panel sliding door, you can search with: “QS1E

You can also search with, for example:“manual sliding door“, “electric sliding door“, “Slide door“, “double carrier Rail“, “Q-Door“, “parallel“, etc.

Explanation of designation:
QS1MP = Sandwich built (Q), sliding door (S), single panel (1), manually operated (M), parallel (P).
QS2E= Sandwich built (Q), sliding door (S), double panels (2), electrically operated (E).

Product Information - Sliding door

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