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Panel door Q-DOOR PX/PDX

The Panel door basically works as a large door and usually it is best suited for smaller and medium-sized openings with low-frequency passages and/or vehicle traffic. The sandwich-built panel door can be chosen where a high insulated door is needed. The impact door is used for example in:

  • Goods reception
  • Garage
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses

Panel door

The panel door has a robust design and is used in industry, warehouses, garages etc. to openings for person or traffic with a low passage frequency. Torverk manufactures panel doors in two versions, panel door Q-Door PX and side hinged Q-Door PDX. The main difference between a panel door and side hinged door is that the panel doors have stronger frame hinges and are used at higher and heavier doors. The panel door is also overlapping, while the side hinged door is wall-mounted in the frame.

Both Q-door PX and PDX are built in the same way and with the same high quality as our Q-door folding door and thanks to its low U-and T-value, it is very energy efficient. You can also have the with windows, extra rust protection and extra protection. Choose color from our wide standard range of colors. As an option we can also paint the door in any color you want in our own paint shop.


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We tailor your panel door

The panel door is adjusted to your doorway, we have no stock of panel doors, everything it is built entirely according to your specifications and preferences.

Width: from 1.0 meters up to about 2.8 meters.
Height: maximum height of a side hinged door is 3 meters and for a panel door 6 meters.

In most cases, it is easy to choose the right door type, but please contact us if you want our assistance.

Steel plate & Colors

An impressive door panel builds Q-Door PX and PXD door

Q-Door’s door panel is solid in its construction. The door panel is 56 mm thick and the metal sheet lining is 0.6 mm and has a rust protection level of C5. The density of the filler foam provides a very good insulation which gives you a low cost of usage and a warm indoor environment.

U-value: best cut approximately 0.22 W/m² °c.

Metal sheet: 0, 6mm SSAB greencoat, SUB280

  1. Sheet
  2. Metal Coating
  3. Passivated Layer
  4. Primers (Primer)
  5. Top
  6. Deductible Protective film (selectable)
  7. Back Color

Source: SSAB –

Standard colors

Here you will find our standard colors. If you do not find your color, we can paint the door in any color you want. We paint the door in our own paint hop and we paint in both NCS and RAL. Download color chart for printing.

Greywhite 022
RAL 7044
Dark brown 384
RAL 8028
Anthracite Grey 454
RAL 7016
Bright red 410
RAL 3013
Dark blue 524
RAL 5001
Burgundy 418
RAL 3009
Bright Blue 561
RAL 5019
Moss Green 859
RAL 6007
Black Cool 015
RAL 9004
Silver Metallic 045
RAL 9006
Dark Silver Metallic 044
RAL 9007

Note! Colors displayed on a computer screen may differ from the reality. The RAL system is not an exact system. For a precise comparison – see NCS numbers.

To search for a frame drawing

If you want a frame drawing for a manual inward-opening impact door with 2 port blades, you can search with “QP2IM“. And for an outward-opening wall mounted impact door with 2 port blades (including frame), you can search with: “QPDK2OM

It is also possible to search with, for example: “Outward-opening panel door“, “wall-mounted impact door“, “panel door“, “side hinged door“, “Q-door PX“, etc.

Explanation of designation:
QPDK2OM = Sandwich-built (Q), panel door (P), door (D), frame (K), sections (2), Outward (O), manual (M).
QP2OM = Sandwich-built (Q), panel door (P), sections (2), outward (O), manual (M).
QP2IE22-SM = sandwich-built (Q), panel door (P), sections (2), Inward (I), electrically operated (E), two motors (22), side mounted drive units (SM)

Product Information - Panel door

Downloads with more detailed information: