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Torverk folding door

Folding door Q-DOOR FX

Our door is probably Europe’s most energy-efficient door already in standard version. We build our doors of materials that we carefully selected, all to optimize the life of the door. Torverk’s Q-Door is an elegant and robust dimensioned door, and its utility cost makes it cheap to own.

We tailor your door

If you have special requirements for your door, we can offer different surface treatment packages in addition to our standard door. There are ready-made packages for design, car wash and stable packages. We also offer packages for special industrial environments and doors to be located near the sea that needs extra rust protection. Contact Us and we will help you with a tailor-made solution.


One of the world's most energy-efficient standard doors

Thanks to its toughness, good insulation and the energy-efficient construction, our Q-Door door is in a class of its own. With its unique design and dimensioning of our door panel, the Q-Door is hard to beat in terms of insulation and durability. With the energy-efficient construction, the Torverk folding door has one of the market’s lowest U-and T values already in the standard version. Thanks to the high quality of our Q-Door, can we offer the market a folding door with:

  • Low usage cost
  • Adapted for high mechanical and harsh climates
  • High quality that guarantees a long product life
  • Low service and maintenance needs
  • Customized solutions – Tailor-made to your needs
  • 10 Year warranty

Long product life

Torverk folding door is known for its long product life – it is not uncommon for our Q-Door to last more than 30 years. The basis of a long-lasting door can be found in its construction, but it is also important that you take care of your door.

Folding Door with flexible construction

Folding doors are robust and all-round industrial doors that requires little space, have few moving parts and lower service needs than other door types. We tailor your folding door with regards to size, number of panels, windows, fittings and appearance.

Did you know that folding doors generally have lower usage costs than other door types?

Door Torverk-Arlanda

Size & panel division


Width: from 1.3 meters up to about 20 meters.

Height: The maximum height is 6 meters.

Panel division

We build up your folding door with the number of sections required to fit the width of your doorway. A manual door can have between 1 – 20 sections and an electrically operated 2 – 4 panels. Normally, the same number of panels are folded in each direction, but a folding door can also be built so that folding/opening is asymmetrical or only in one direction.

Examples of different panel divisions for a folding door:

Section Divisions Door

Panel & Colors

An impressive panel builds the Q-Door

Q-Door’s folding door panel is robust in its construction. The door panel is 56 mm thick and the metal sheet lining is 0.6 mm. In addition, the rust protection level is C5 right from the start. The density of the filler foam provides a very good insulation, which in gives you a low usage cost and a warm indoor environment.

Torverk door panel-intersection

U-value: best cut approximately 0.22 W/m² °c.

U-value of an example door 5×5 meter: 0.90 W/m² ° C.

T-value Example door: 1 m³/h & m²

Metal sheet: 0.6 mm SSAB greencoat

Front track- Torverk Industrial Doors

  1. Sheet
  2. Metal Coating
  3. Passivated Layer
  4. Primers (Primer)
  5. Top
  6. Deductible Protective film (selectable)
  7. Back Color

Source: SSAB –

Standard colours

Here you will find our standard colors. If you do not find your color then we can paint the door in the color you want. We paint in our own paint shop in both NCS and RAL. Download color chart for printing.

Greywhite 022
RAL 7044
Dark brown 384
RAL 8028
Anthracite Grey 454
RAL 7016
Bright red 410
RAL 3013
Dark blue 524
RAL 5001
Burgundy 418
RAL 3009
Bright Blue 561
RAL 5019
Moss Green 859
RAL 6007
Black Cool 015
RAL 9004
Silver Metallic 045
RAL 9006
Dark Silver Metallic 044
RAL 9007

Note! Colors displayed on a computer screen may differ from the reality. The RAL system is not an exact system. For a perfect comparison – see NCS numbers.

Seals & Fittings

Specially designed sealing

The folding door seals are specially designed and developed to provide maximum sealing. Thanks well dimensioned, special seals between panels and in all corners, the folding door closes precisely and seals effectively, the folding door has a T-value that exceeds the highest prescribed European requirements with three times.

Torverk folding door is dense even in the hurricane!

Sealing- Torverk Industrial Doors


As standard we deliver the manual doors with padlock able surface-mounted espagnolett, which is openable from the inside. Q-Door door can also be equipped with cylinder lockable espagnolett, which is built into the door blade. With a cylinder lockable espagnolett, it’s possible handles on both the inside and outside.

Electrically operated doors do not require an additional lock because they are designed so they can’t be opened from outside without an open impulse or disconnecting. You can get an electrically operated folding door with optional espagnolett or cylinder locking.

If you choose a Q-Door folding door with a pass door, you have the option to choose between different types of locking.

Our own fittings

Torverk fittings are robust and have low friction, which gives an easy handling when opening and closing of the door. The fittings also affects your folding door life span. Therefore, Torverk’s folding doors are equipped with robust fittings, which we manufacture ourselves.

Fittings- Torverk Industrial DoorsHinges

Our frame hinges withstands high mechanical stress  and are available in two variants:

  • Standard Hinges – The door panel is supported by a steel ball resting on a brass pin
  • 3d Hinge – The hinge lifts the door 15 mm at the opening

Drive units

Torverk offer different types of drive units to our folding doors. Type of drive unit  depends on the size of the door and the existing spaces around the doorway.

TOP-MOUNTED MOTOR to 3-and 4-panel doors. The operation is limited to maximum height = 5 meters, and a maximum of 25 m² door area for 4-panel door, or 19 m² for 3-panel door.

SIDE-MOUNTED MOTOR for 2-, 3-and 4-panel folding door. Used where there is no space above the door or if the doorway is greater than 5 meters. Side mounted drive units are suitable even when the area exceeds the maximum limit for top-mounted drive units.

LINK DRIVE to 2-, 3-and 4-panel folding doors. Used when there is little side space and large opening area. Height max = 5 meters.

Download more information about our drive units

Engine operation- Torverk industrial Doors

Windows & Pass Door


As standard window we use energy glass where the window frame of aluminum has broken thermal bridge. This means that we ensure that the door’s windows have as low impact on the total U-value as possible. We have a wide range of standard sizes, but if you want a different size we can solve that.

It is worth considering that in the standard version a door panel should not be fitted with a larger glass surface than about 30 % in manually operated door and approximately 45 % in electrically operated door.

Pass door

If you are also going to use the folding door for personnel passage, we can produce a door panel with a pass door. Opening the entire gate for personnel passage is both impractical and incorrect from an operational and energy point of view.

Pedestrian doors have a standard height of 2050 mm and can be fitted with different types of locking, door closers, safety systems and windows.

To search for a frame drawing

If you want a frame drawing for a manual inward going 4-panel folding door, you can search with “QF4IM“.
For an outward going 3-panel manual door, search with “QF3OM“. For an electrically operated 4-panel outward going door, search with: “QF4OE

You can also search with, for example:“manual Door“, “electrically operated folding door“, “Q-Door“, “4-panel folding door“, “4-panel“, etc.

Explanation of designation:
QF4IM = Sandwich built (Q), folding door (F), 4 panels (4), Inward going(I), manual operated (M).
QF3OE = Sandwich built (Q), folding door (F), 3 panels (3), outward going (O), electrically operated (E)

Product information - Folding door

Downloads with more detailed and more technical information.