Torverks drive unit

Electrically operated folding doors and sliding doors

The real power package on the market

Our drive unit, which is developed by Torverk and which we manufacture ourselves, we believe its the market’s best option for electrically operated doors (for electrically operated folding and sliding doors). Dimensioned for millions of openings/closures and reliable in all weather conditions and both for inward and outward-opening doors.

Choose the right drive unit

Torverk offers different types of drive units to our folding door and sliding door. Which one you choose depends on the size of the door and existing spaces around the doorway.

TOP-MOUNTED MOTOR to 3-and 4-panel doors. The operation is limited to height max = 5 meters, and a maximum of 25 m2 door area for a 4-panel door, or 19 m2 for 3-panel door.

SIDE-MOUNTED MOTOR to 2,3 and 4-panel folding door. One engine on each side of the door. Used where the space above the door does not exist, or if the doorway is greater than 5 meters, or if the area of the door is greater than the maximum limit for top-mounted engine operation.

Drive unit to 2,3 and 4-panel folding door. Used for small side space and large opening area. Height max = 5 meters.

LINEAR MOTOR is used for our sliding doors.

Torverk drive units industrial doors

With customary maintenance, you can expect a motor from Torverk to work for many years. If you do your service, we give a 5 year warranty (0r 1 000 000 cycles) on our drive unit.

Standard functions EP104 Automatic

The open-stop and close buttons are available as standard on the outboard enclosure:

  • Input for safety edge protection function
  • Load guard in both opening and closing directions
  • Security photo cell input
  • Time functions; Including Automatic closing, time limiter, delayed closing time after door passage.
  • Inputs for maneuvering; open, stop, close, open-close, open-stop-close.
  • Features for limited opening, setup and lock function.

Control automatics – electrically operated folding and sliding door

A number of optional options are available for the control automatics.


  • Traffic light features for red and green, incl. Traffic light ignition before door closing. Requires output board.
  • Light signal; rotating or flashlight
  • Loop detector, programmed as safety photocell. The loop detector has two inputs for loops, where the loops can be programmed for the same function, or two different functions.
  • Radar, which is mounted on the door panel as extra safety.

Automatic operation:

  • Radar, which is mounted above the opening for automatic opening function.
  • Input for radio receivers. Radio systems are available with one or more operating functions, and where the transmitters operate for one or more ports.
  • Loop detector programmed for open function.


  • Output boards, where different accessories can be controlled using the position of the door, direction of movement, etc.
  • Functions for alarms, e.g. Position alarms, alarm for broken safety edge, affected loop, affected photocell, affected stops and critical errors in the automatism.
  • Directional sensing function, i.e. If vehicles go in or out through the doorway.
  • Presence detection function.

External operation:

  • Pushbutton boxes with one or more push buttons for several functions. The basic functions are open-stop-close, but optional function can be applied. Without key operation. Key function is available with extensible key in affected mode or back-spring function.
  • Card reader
  • Pull cord plug