Safely ownership of your door

High quality gives you a long warranty

We want to give you a safely ownership of your door. Safety is based on the long life of our doors, providing low costs for service and maintenance. We also give you the longest warranty of the market, for the Torverk’s Q-Door 10 year warranty.

Your investment is long-term and we do everything to avoid unforeseen expenses due to service or repair needs occur. We can offer service agreements, where you choose how long to apply, so that your usage costs are as predictable for you as possible.

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With almost 60 years in the industry, we know what it takes for high quality and long durability
– for both your and the environment’s sake.

Long-term and safely ownership

Warranty, Support and Service are in practice a coherent system where you can choose the desired level of predictability on future doors costs based on your needs. Predictability can be determined at a higher or lower level depending on the economic factors that are considered important.

Choosing a low level of investment for the product provides a higher risk of later unforeseen service and repair costs: When you know that several in the door industry are largely alive with revenues in the after-market, the customer should not underestimate that risk.

Doors that are cheap to possess

By investing a little more in a product with verified higher quality, it reduces the risk of unforeseen costs. By allowing the supplier to guarantee the service costs to be applied in the coming years, it can be done almost fully predictably what the service of the door will cost over time.

We do not mean that service is unnecessary but that it is unnecessary that it should be so unpredictable and expensive. No door owner likes to get cost surprises of many thousand crowns or more, per year and per door! Year after year after year…

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