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Made with innovation and precision since 1962

History of Torverk

Torverk has been on the market since 1962 and have the business concept of making economically and environmentally sustainable products by tailoring a customer-based door system with the lowest possible usage cost, minimal service requirement and long product life. All production of Torverk doors takes place in our factory in Torsby, Värmland.

Torverk was early to focus on energy efficiency and already in the early 1980 we presented an industrial door with sandwich construction. Before the ISO quality system became the practice, Torverk had developed our own quality system that is today the basis for our quality thinking. Innovation is and has always been a strong driving force for Torverk.

Torverk was founded 1962 by Sven-Åke Sundberg


We will contribute to a better environment for future generations, by delivering sustainable products with high quality and properties that generate the lowest possible environmental impact and provide the best possible overall economy for the customer.

Our philosophy permeate our entire organization.


Our business concept is to manufacture economically and environmentally sustainable products by tailoring a customer needs based door system, with the lowest usage cost, minimal service need and a long product life.

Our own manufactured products should have the longest warranty on the market.


Torverk’s customers are located in all areas, ranging from farmers and workshops to contractors and research station in Antarctica. We also have strategic collaborations with multinational actors and partners representing Torverk in their local market.

We are very grateful for our customers loyalty; a loyalty that we do everything to cherish. Our customers are companies in the construction, manufacturing, transport and distribution industries, public sector, agriculture, property owners and individuals and traders.

Exports of our doors are made to a number of countries in Europe.

Environmental policy

We are certified according to SS-EN ISO 14001:2015. Extract from our Environmental programme:

Starting from a life-cycle perspective, we should use materials with the least possible environmental impact over time, and of these construct products with a long lifespan and minimal service need, thereby causing as few road transports as possible. Våra portar ska vara marknadens energisnålaste port redan i standardutförande.

Quality Policy

Zero errors in final inspection mean time and cost savings for you, but also for us. Our quality promise is simple – we keep our promises by doing right the first time!

Torverk is certified according to SS-EN ISO 9001:2015. Our quality objectives include everything from customer need analysis to installation, warranty and the customer’s long-term door economy i.e. Usage cost.

Your choice affects the result

If you know doors, it is known that there are three aspects that affect the environment; Energy losses during use, transport due to service and repairs and a short life span of the product. You have the choice whether the door should require a lot or a little service, much or a little energy during its short or long life span.

Ask yourself the question if you want to buy a door that might be slightly cheaper in purchasing or a door that is inexpensive to own.

Download certificates ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.


Torverk Code Of Conduct

As a company, Torverk wants to create added value for customers, coworkers and suppliers by contributing to the development of a sustainable world.

Not only by manufacturing climate friendly products, but by acting ethically, protecting human rights, a safe working environment, diversity and equality.

We want to be completely transparent, and therefore you can download and read our code of conduct.

With 60 years in the industry, we know what it takes for high quality and long durability
– for both your and the environment’s sake.

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