Emergency services in Torsby – satisfied with 30-year-old doors

Torsby Municipality Freshes The gates of emergency services in Torsby with expert help from Torverk Industrial Doors AB.

When the emergency services in the gates of Torsbys began to look worn out after long and faithful service, contact with Torverk was made to see what options existed when it came to freshen up the facade of the building.

The options presented for decision after a thorough discussion between the municipality’s purchaser and the Torverk salesman Lars-Inge Carlsson was: replace the gates to new ones from the kilns, renovate existing ports or switch to new ports from another supplier. After a discussion round, it was decided to renovate existing doors. Since these sat up more than 30 years, it was decided that they would be repainted and existing seals would be replaced. The machinery designed for at least 2.6 million openings could continue to be used for servicing and maintenance according to the Torverk maintenance program.

After instructions from Torverk the Construction Department, the work started to repaint the doors. The seals, however, require some other skills which meant that assemblers from Torverk stepped in and performed that job. The final result can only be regarded as more than acceptable.

The doors were assembled in April 1985 and if you consider that these doors have a few years on the neck, it should be a proof as good as anything that the doors from the Torverk are built to last.

Stf. Rescue manager in Torsby municipality Johan Westh is very pleased with the results and says further that:

These doors have worked flawlessly for many years, but started to look worn out and we thought it should be done something about it. Since the building is otherwise in good condition and because there was no fault on the doors, we were determined that they would be renovating, which in retrospect can be said to be a good decision both environmentally and economically.


It may be worth thinking about for others in the same situation, it is not certain that the ports need to be replaced, contact us at Torverk Industrial Doors AB for an evaluation, we promise a solution that is both economical and sustainable for the future.

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