On this site you can learn basic information regarding Torverk´s standard door types.
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Folding door

Generally, the folding door is the most comprehensive type of industrial door. Mostly due to the possibilities to vary the performance. It has a natural workspace and therefor less risk of accidental collisions. It has in general better environmental factors, such as air permability etc., than other type of industrial doors. The folding door comes as manually operated or with automatics.


Sandwich constructed folding door

Q-Door FX is one of Europes most cost-efficient door solutions. This mostly due to it´s very high quality, but also to it´s good envirmonmental factors. It´s not only attractive but also easy to adapt to it´s purpose.
Compared to most other door solutions, the Q-Door FX is cheaper to own and use, and is more energy efficient. The low cost for service and spare parts is also a factor.

More about Q-Door FX in the brochure section.


Framed folding door

TORVERK´s framed, folding door is one of the most proven industrial door on the market. It´s a robust door and fits well when a special solution, for example a fully glassed door, must be applied.

More about R-Door FX in the brochure section.



Sliding door

TORVERK has long experience and a solid knowledge when it comes to sliding doors. The sliding door is mostly used for hangars and warehouses where a wide opening is required. It is also used when a small and fast door is required. The sliding door comes as manually operated or with automatics.


Sandwich constructed sliding door

Q-Door SX is TORVERK´s sandwich constructed, sliding door. The door panels is well isolated and has a modern appearance.

More about Q-Door SX in the brochure section.


Framed sliding door

R-Door SX is TORVERK´s framed, sliding door. It´s a very robust solution and tolerates very rough environments.

More about R-Door SX in the brochure section.



Panel door

The panel door is in general a standard personal door (most of the time bigger and with 2 panels) and has been used for a long time for different solutions.
It is widely used in warehouses, garages, industries etc.


Sandwich constructed panel door

Q-Door PX is a panel door similar to our folding door solution. It overlaps the opening to get a tight solution.
Q-Door PDX is a simple solution for smaller doors where the door is fitted inside the opening in it´s own frame.

More about Q-Door PX/PDX in the brochure section.


Framed panel door

R-Door PX / PDX is similar to the Q-Door but with a framed panel.

More about R-Door PX/PDX in the brochure section.



We have the whole selection of industrial doors and accessories. This means that we are not limited to our own production. This together with our strategy to always look at the total cost for a solution, makes us a little more neutral when we help our customers.

Here are some examples of other solutions in our range:

• Sectional doors (over-head)
• Speed doors
• Curtain doors
• Fire doors
• Fire jalousie
• Swing doors
• Q-panel / fixed panels
• Dockshelters
• Docklevellers
• Dockhouses
• Lift platforms
• Special solutions

NB! Some products we only sell locally (no export). This due to support and service that we only get in Sweden.

If you need more information, contact us and we will help you.