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A door can be an investment. As always when it comes to investments, you want to make sure that the total cost will be as favourable as possible. When we help our customers to choose the correct solution, we always have in mind the total cost, including service, spareparts and environmental factors. Not only the actual purchase cost. It is important to understand the expenses that might emerge if a solution applied is not entirely accurate. Therefor, Torverk always aims for the absolute best quality and this is what we are known for.

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Q-Door FX - Sandwich constructed folding door

Q-Door FX is one of Europes most cost-efficient door solutions. This mostly due to it´s very high quality, but also to it´s good envirmonmental factors. It´s not only attractive but also easy to adapt to it´s purpose.
Compared to most other door solutions, the Q-Door FX is cheaper to own and use, and is more energy efficient. The low cost for service and spare parts is also a factor.

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